Композитор 11.2013 Dr. Dree & Snoop Dog - композиция Still Dre Remix 2011

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Название композиции: Still Dre (Remix 2011)

Композитор: 11.2013 Dr. Dree & Snoop Dog

Длительность: 03:57

Дата публикации: 2014-09-17

Прослушано: 416

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Текст к композиции:

I got summer on my mind,
Nowhere else though
Lord take me downtown or to you
People show me love but I can't take it
What I said was true
Real pain, can't fake it

Still they wanna be with me
Still they wanna leave with me
Still they wanna feel like me
Still I can't believe it's me

Time you spend on me
I spend mine on being free
On a flight to Nyc
I see you when you see me

I wonder why, why you have to lie
When you've seen me cry
When you've seen me shy
When you've seen me high
When you will see me die

Where we from, you don't know
You will know where we will go
Yeah I'm here, where are you?
There's nothing you can't do

We up in here with one thing on our mind
Let's leave with something
Then we play still dre, my way, all day, in beats by Dre
Then we go and get buzzed, get drunk, get crunk, get fucked up

I am S/Y, no lie, at least you get to withess
Kill so many songs, you'd think I have a hitlist
That's drake, well we love young money bizniz
Cause we're young and we get money

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